What This Blog Is About

If I was forced to sum up the Intent and the Content, now and in the future, of this blog in ONE word …. it would be … Survival.


Although that may appear to be quite a narrow arena … looks are deceiving. It’s all a matter of perspective. Finding enough food for my family to eat today may be my biggest survival worry. While worrying about how to increase my 401K for retirement may be yours.

I believe the entire civilized world received a big “Reality Check” recently when viewing the total and complete destruction mother nature reeked on America and especially the Caribbean Islands.

That is the extreme meaning of survival. We causally throw the term “Life & Death” about … “Tonight’s ball game is life or death.” We know it really isn’t, but we have become so accustomed to the phrase and it has lost the horrendous magnitude of the real life situation.

I’ll guarantee you a few things about this blog.

If you are looking for financial advise for the feared economic crash, go to Edward Jones, you won’t find help here. Nor will I be able to offer advise on how to handle the deadly situation so many fellow Americans find themselves hurled in to, both on the mainland and off shore. It’s beyond my skill set.

But … Let’s list just a few of the issues we will explore.

*** Exploring how to recharge & refurbish batteries of all sorts, sizes and strengths. Batteries are the blood line of portable heat, light, energy, communication and numerous other life sustaining equipment we need in order to provide for our family.

*** Creating electricity through wind power. Electricity in any form or source is imperative for survival. Wind is but one natural element, that harnessed, can be quite effective in producing power.

*** Solar power adds a powerful tool in the quest for creating electricity. We will explore many methods in which to incorporate solar into our survival kit.

We think of Survival in terms of being stranded in the Sahara desert or the thick foliage of the Amazon. Heard the old adage “Charity Begins at Home?” Well, “Survival” also starts at home.

I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say “Our homes are our sanctuary.” It’s where we live our lives, raise our children, identify ourselves with. But in order to maintain our homes we must energize it. Our homes require electricity, water, heat, cooling and other things that are required to sustain life.

*** We will explore methods of creating and saving electricity to power our homes, which is a massive subject.

*** We’ll look at how to create potable water.

Again … we will strive to provide all the information possible in order to offer our readers the best alternatives to surviving regardless of what means test is utilized.

We will delve into survival tactics for:

Surviving in Freezing Conditions…

Surviving in the Desert…

Surviving in the Forest…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Webster Dictionary defines Survival As:

The act or fact of living or continuing longer than another person or thing

The continuation of life or existence problems of survival in adverse conditions

2: One that survives

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