Very Special Offerings


The subject of Survival is so broad you could nearly fill an entire library with sets and subsets of topics. Maybe not a public one, but definitely an old time mansion’s library.

There’s surviving in the home …

Surviving in the Wilderness …

Creating Energy ….

Finding and/or making potable water …

Ways to make fire …

Saving Money by creating energy and conserving energy …

The list goes on and on.

I have created this page of Very Special Offerings because it presents several different methods for protecting your home from violence and keeping your family healthy.

Please review these offers from reputable companies. Like one or more. Buy them. If not, they may light an idea you never thought of before in which to help you in your quest to protect your family from catastrophes.


Click Here Immediately




Solar Power For Light



Special Ops Weapon Training



This Is No Joke

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