“Americans Are Stupid and Selfish !”


Get pissed if you want … I don’t care. It’s the truth and the truth can be hurtful.

We pay football players millions of dollars a year to wear a helmet and chase each other around a confined area for our entertainment. But men and women who wear the military helmet and travel the world from one deadly spot to another protecting us from those who wish us harm … are destined to Food Stamps and living below the poverty line.

We stand in our pulpits and sit in our pews, raise our hands to Heaven and proclaim “If you’re not just like me you are neither a Christian or a patriot! Amen!” Yet we file out of church, climb into our expensive cars, and drive by homeless and hungry children, cursing them under our breath for being lazy freeloaders.

We run to a doctor, probably a specialist, when we get a cold or just don’t feel as good as we think I should, because we have insurance. While poor endure the pain of a broken bone not set because the politicians, underhandedly and illegally dismantled the insurance designed to care for them.

America First!” is the new battle cry. “To hell with the rest of the world.” Little do we realize, or care, that the false prophets fanning these flames of hatred are secretly destroying us. They hide the facts they plunder the entire world to fill their treasure chests with gold and silver. We are selfish and don’t care. They scatter a few crumbs about and declare it a feast and we thank them for being so kind and exalt them for their wisdom.

They instill false fears in us and marvel at how easily we are fooled. Is North Korea a real threat to a Mother living in Big Bend Montana, or is it a lie perpetuated to keep the sheep in line. The North Korean people are lied to daily, promises made that are never intended to keep. Total disregard for laws of the land, or laws of God. An absolute dictator who attacks anyone he perceives as a threat. Do we not have the identical form of government in the USA? We have a dictator that stole the power to rule, who ignores any law or ethics which displeases him and is systematically dismantling all forms of democracy. Now who is the real threat to that Mother?


I started this blog a month or so ago, seems like years, that’s what frustration and anger does to you … it hangs on, brings you down, depletes your energy. It began as one thing and has somehow taken on a life of its own, mutating into … well, I’m not sure what it’s going to end up being.

Somehow someone in Ireland read one of my blogs and it touched him so that he wrote a comment on the blog page. I’ve never had anybody reply to anything I’ve written, usually not even emails, as my circle of Facebook friends are very limited.

The person sounded quite learned, at least by my standards, hell he spoke much better than Twitter boy. But it wasn’t the way he talked or wrote that caught me aghast, it was the terrible fear I heard in his words. He talked of the editorials in European newspapers, conversations of news commentators and the scuttlebutt at the local pub about the situation in the United States.

One must remember most of the people on this earth were born after WWII, and they have lived their lives knowing the United States was always the one beacon, the one pillar of strength and morality that kept the world on an even keel, as much as a world like ours can be on an even keel.

But in the blink of an eye the United States, the one the world knew and respected … had disappeared. We were being led by a viscous vulgar man, who lies every other sentence, can not be trusted by our allies to keep America’s word and draws great pleasure in insulting every world leader he can, some even physically pushing out of his way.

But … what really confused him was the American people. He wanted to know if all Americans had suddenly become like their leader. It’s a question that is being asked around the world. Have the Americans gone bat-shit crazy?

He could tell by my editorials on the evils of Trump that at least one American hadn’t lost their mind, not that way anyhow. I assured him millions of Americans had not lost their collective minds and morals. I started to explain to him what I meant, when I stopped ….. I didn’t know what to say to convince him we weren’t all crazy. So I cut it off.

I spent a sleepless night wrestling with the issue. In the gray light of dawn I settled down in front of my computer to continue my work, when it suddenly hit me. And it hit me hard.

I realized how Stupid and Selfish I was. I was so engrossed wallowing in my own self pity and anger about the state of our country it never occurred to me there are millions of people world wide who are directly affected by the madness of the wanna be dictator occupying the White House.

You don’t have to look far to see the effects. Puerto Rico is a classic example. Millions of Americans in harm’s way, suffering and dying, while the president picks Twitter fights with the NFL and the leaders of Puerto Rico who are enduring unimaginable difficulties trying to help their people. The evil little bastard is loving the pain and agony these people are suffering, while he golfs. What the hell, their vote means nothing.

Trump’s taking a page out of Stalin’s playbook. If I can do this harm to my own people, think what I’ll do to you. Very effective dictatorial techniques. Like North Korea did you say? Speaking of Korea, what do you think the millions of South Koreans think about Trump’s provocation of rocket man? They’ll all die if our madman pushes too far or gets his thin skin bruised by a perceived insult.

I admit … I am guilty of being stupid and selfish. And I beg for forgiveness. I hope to do better. And I pray you will join me in Resisting.


3 Comments on ““Americans Are Stupid and Selfish !”

  1. Pro-Trump Anti-Trump it doesn’t matter. You have compared the man to Stalin. Do you realize that Stalin murdered some 40 million people for simply disagreeing with him and his philosophy. Do you think that is responsible statement or that it does anything to bring people together. This kind of hyperbolic speech is what is driving an ever bigger wedge between American people. Trump is a lot of things but Joseph Stalin is not one of them.


    • Would you have been less angry had I compared him to Hitler? Perhaps you should ask the citizens of Puerta Rico if they consider him a kind and compassionate man. I appreciate your comment, I really do, about divisive statements, but I believe I’m an amateur compared to the king of lies and division. I must admit I do become anxious when I see someone trying to destroy our country. I will guarantee you one thing … I’ll fight for your right to disagree with me.


      • I am not angry, I am not a Republican, and I am not a Trump supporter either, I am an American. Making stupid statements or being inept (Trump) is a far cry for being directly responsible for killing millions of people because they do not agree with you. So in that sense it would be no better to compare him to Hitler.

        Constant comparisons to these people diminishes how incredibly evil they really were. Americans are being drawn into this nonsensical hatred of the opposing side due to the non-stop propaganda being spewed on all of our media. If you want to compare that to Nazi Germany the comparison would be valid.

        There have been three unusually destructive hurricanes in a row. By almost any account Trump handled the first two very well and much better than the last two presidents handled their one.

        Like him, support him, or not at least be fair and give him credit for that. If he has screwed up the response to one of the three can he really be compared to Stalin one of the most evil men that has ever lived.

        And before the propaganda that the reason he has not responded correctly is that the people of Puerto Rico are brown consider the population of Houston. I am pretty sure there are plenty of brown people there as well.

        I have not fight with you. I am just trying to shed some sensible light on the propaganda that is being spread. Propaganda by it’s very nature is false.


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